Autumn cuisine in Hanoi

Feb 17 2020 - Northern Vietnamese Cuisine

For many generations, "young green rice" - a true homeland gift that is quintessentially associated with the image of autumn in Hanoi "yellow cold rice tree, red-leaved almond tree". At the end of the beginning of autumn, the people of Vong village (Cau Giay district, Hanoi) go to the field to select each glutinous rice flower with yellow flowers, round and firm to make young green rice. Young green rice wrapped in an old lotus leaf or a young green leafy potato, tied with golden straw fibers, has only been seen and seen. The way to enjoy nuggets is also gentle and delicate. The simplest is to use a few fingertips to put each small pinch of young green rice into the mouth, slowly eating the soft, aromatic, sweet taste to the maze of young green rice. A little more sophisticated, use a ripe banana or ripe berries, dab at each young green rice grain to feel the sweetness of bananas and persimmons, the elasticity of nuggets.

From those young green rice grains, the people of Hanoi still skillfully created rice cakes, stir-fried young green rice, sticky rice, rice rolls ... very delicious, bringing a very unique identity of the land. In recent years, young green rice Hanoi has been present in all provinces and cities, but this dish is the most delicious, the best taste only in the capital. By young green rice is not only delicious food, but also enjoy its own taste.

If in the summer we drink a glass of water with cool and sour dracontomelon, then the autumn of Hanoi will satisfy people with yellow dracontomelon. Dracontomelon is ripe, like a tender autumn that makes the space have a soothing nuance of heart.

Just scrap the outer Dracontomelon crust, cut into a spiral and mix with salt, sugar, chili powder and you have a delicious snack. Put a small piece of Dracontomelon on the bite mouth, see enough sour - spicy - salty - sweet melt on the tip of the tongue. The most delicious is the handle itself, so that after eating it can suck a little more passion king on your fingers.

After Dracontomelon and young green rice, one thing to forget is the soaked persimmon. Persimmons appeared around the 8th month of the lunar calendar when Hanoi had just begun to collect and was one of the indispensable dishes on the moon tray.

The skin is still green but when added to the inside, it is orange-yellow, has a sweet taste and is very crunchy. Soaked rose only bloomed about months, after the full moon in August is gradually sparse then quickly ended so that people crave, mixed a little regret.


Writer Vu Bang once compared: "When the season is not eaten, it is like a beautiful woman who has wasted her age, later it will be a nostalgia" when talking about fried sandworms - a bold dish autumn taste in Hanoi. Sandworms appear in late September and early October, when the weather changes and erratic rain and sun. Those who first encounter will be startled by the strange shape of the velvet worms crawling like earthworms, full of green, brown, yellow ... Although the form is a bit "unpleasant", but this is an indispensable delicious dish. If you hesitate, wait until next year because the sandworms season only lasts for a few days.

Sandworms are high in protein, can cook radish, steamed, sauteed Gac leaves, stir-fried with braces ... but the most special thing is making rolls. The taste of the bar, posted bitter tangerine peel makes up the smell of the dish, the fat of eggs and meat, sweetness of the aroma or the aroma of ... awakens the whole five people enjoy. All year round, Hang Luoc, Cha Ca, Gia Ngu ... all sell but you must come here in the autumn of Hanoi to fully enjoy its special taste.


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