Come back to Con Son to pack Vietnamese Cylindrical Sticky Rice Cake on Tet

Feb 17 2020 - Southern Vietnamese Cuisine

In Can Tho, you do not worry about the lack of places to visit, play and eat. In particular, the land of Con Son (located in Binh Thuy district, Can Tho city) is a tourist destination loved by many domestic and foreign tourists because of how to do the tourism honestly, bearing the sentiments of the village and Share and support each other.

Coming to Con Son, you will experience most of the specialties of the Western River countryside. In addition to fish, shrimp, vegetables, fruits ... available year-round, traditional cakes are also culinary features that you can not ignore when visiting this place. Especially, coming to Con Son on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the traditional Tet atmosphere of the gardeners through the Vietnamese Cylindrical Sticky Rice Cake package.

Although it is the iconic cake of the New Year in the South, but few people know that Vietnamese Cylindrical Sticky Rice Cake also has many types, many different flavors. Among them, the most famous is the Vietnamese Cylindrical Sticky Rice Cake with leaves - the Vietnamese Cylindrical Sticky Rice Cake when cut out has an eye-catching purple color, different from the traditional blue version. Many people believe that the purple color of the leaves is not just a faithful purple color, but also shows hospitality. The Con Son people make the Vietnamese Cylindrical Sticky Rice Cake more unique by cooking water leaves, soaking delicious sticky rice to create a natural purple color, then mixing with coconut milk and using meat, salted duck eggs as a filling .

Cake cooked from 4 to 5 hours is cooked. When cutting the cake, the outer rim shines with a smooth purple color of the sticky rice, inside is meat, salted duck egg yolk, fatty meat with a complex aroma. You have to try once you know the leaves are really special and different from white sticky rice cakes, meat, green beans of other regions. Not only instructed and hand-wrapped cakes, you also bring the hot, ripe cakes to make New Year gifts for relatives and friends.

No color, no tactic, this land is attached to many tourists from afar by the hospitality, the aroma of the people and the delicious specialties of the Western region.


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