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Feb 12 2020 - Central Vienamese Cuisine

1/ Hue mussel rice

The best mussel rice is only available in Hue

Hue tourism without eating mussel rice is not called Hue. Hue mussel rice, though a rustic dish everywhere, whether in the countryside or in the countryside, is poor but still luxurious, rich in flavor. This Hue specialty dish is made from cooked and cooled white rice. The mussel meat is added with additives, added to the fried pork rind. Mussel rice has a bit of Hue shrimp sauce, which is just Bui, acrid, spicy and pungent. Served with an additive of raw vegetables including: raw vegetables, bananas, bean sprouts and little sliced ​​white taro. Peanuts are roasted gold and non-yellow oil for a beautiful color.

The best mussel rice is in Hen dunes, or Little's shop, sold in Pham Hong Thai street, corner with Truong Dinh - but only sold in the morning, until noon is over, or else eat at No. 2 Truong Dinh. Hue mussel rice is quite cheap, one bowl is only about 10k.

2. Rice dumpling cake

In Hue, this type of cake is divided into two types: one is wrapped in dong or banana leaves, the other is bare cake, there will be no outside wrapping. This is the transparent filter to see the shrimp inside. The filling of this cake is usually made from ingredients such as pork, whole shrimp, when eaten will be accompanied by sweet and sour sauce will taste better.

3. Hue fermented pork roll:

Hue fermented pork roll is different from Northern fermented pork roll and Southern fermented pork roll in the way of removing spices. Never meet a Hue fermented pork roll has a round pepper in the middle. In the fermented pork roll there are enough flavors of sour fermented lean meat, chopped pork skin, hearing, braised fish sauce, rock sugar, salt ...

Tré is a dish representing the distinctiveness of Hue cuisine. There are two types of Tre: brown cow with a strong smell and strong sweet taste. Although it is called beef, there must be fried bacon, shredded, galangal, garlic, hearing, guava leaf wrapped, banana leaf wrapped as sour rolls. And the reddish brown pig also smells of hearing, garlic, slightly dark sweet taste, slightly sour, made of yellow fried bacon mixed with galangal, garlic, hearing, wrapped in clove leaves and also wrapped with banana leaves.

4. Hue Sour Shrimp

Sour shrimp sauce has a familiar and strange name, this kind of shrimp sauce has a sour taste of shrimp, a spicy hot pepper, along with a lot of other spices that come together, all combined to form an infinite flavor. The unique combination makes anyone tasting once will not forget its taste. Do not use to eat bean vermicelli, dog meat, such as northern shrimp paste, sour shrimp sauce of Hue will be much better when used with boiled pork and hot rice.

5. Hue beef noodle:

Hue beef noodle is considered a specialty dish in Hue of the ancient capital. Taste special noodle bowl is in the broth. The pungency of chili, the scent of lemongrass, a little fish sauce combined together brings up the extremely unique taste of Hue. Coming to Hue, even the sidewalk beef noodle shop with the price of 20,000 VND / bowl is easy to make you satisfied with the taste of each aromatic, rich broth. Hue specialties can hardly be complete without a beef noodle dish.


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