Go to Northwest Vietnam, immersed in mountain specialties

Feb 17 2020 - Northern Vietnamese Cuisine

Buffalo meat hanging up the kitchen

Also known as smoked buffalo meat, which is a specialty of the Black Thai people, in the past, they thought of ways to marinate buffalo and cow meat hanging on the kitchen floor to be able to eat for long. To make delicious buffalo meat, one must carefully filter all the tendons, then cut along each piece of meat and then marinate with a spice mixture of lemongrass, ginger, garlic, chili, crushed and leave for about 2-3 for hours, then take skewers and dry on charcoal, keep the meat cooked slowly, cook evenly, then dry to preserve. Today, this dish has become a popular specialty, present in the villagers' meals, favored by many lowlanders.

Pork theft armpit

This is a specialty pork in the top of the list of "high quality" dishes in the Northwestern region. This breed is wildly wandering in the forest, and is foraging for each child weighing only 10-15 kg. Because they eat leaves and vegetables in the forest, their flesh is firm and delicious. Pork theft armpit is processed into many delicious dishes such as steaming, baking, fake civet, stew, soup ... Every dish is marinated and cooked with leaves and seeds with a mountain flavor, bringing a strange feeling. mouth, especially for first time users.

Pa Pỉnh Tộp

It means grilled stream fish, a famous dish of Thai people in the Northwest region, is not only a culinary value but also a measure of skillful hands of the processor. They choose fresh, whole carp to grill. Grilled salted fish with chili powder to remove fishy and stuffed some herbs, chopped fruits, ginger, garlic, lemongrass, onions ... into the belly. Then double the fish horizontally, using sticks of fresh bamboo to hold and bake evenly on charcoal with pink fans. Freshly cooked fish is removed from the plate and served with glutinous rice.

Five-color sticky rice

It is a famous dish of Tay ethnic minority people used in traditional festivals, made from upland sticky rice. This unique sticky rice dish uses natural ingredients to dye into 5 different colors: red, blue, white, purple, yellow symbolizing the five elements. They think the color of sticky rice as beautiful as the family will prosper. With eye-catching form, the fragrant plasticity makes five-color sticky rice become a dish that makes the identity of the Northwest highland people that any tourist will be fascinated.

  Tu Le Young rice cake

Coming to Yen Bai, once enjoying Tu Le Young rice cake, you will never forget the fragrant, green flavor of early glutinous rice grains. This sticky stuff when sticky into sticky rice has a special aromatic plasticity, and when processed into rice, it has more sweet, cool flavor. Tu Le Young rice cake is often eaten with ripe bananas, ripe red roses, or used to cook duck porridge, sticky rice, tea and wedges into dishes such as spring rolls, fried shrimp, fried meat ... and become Famous specialties "high quality" in the Northwestern region.


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