Is durian good?

Feb 17 2020 - Cuisine News

Durian is a plant native to Southeast Asia, very tasty, but not everyone can tolerate its aroma. An average durian weighs nearly 600 g and is an excellent source of energy. 100 grams of durian provides about 147Kcal of energy, accounting for about 7% of the energy for daily activities of the body.

Benefits of durian fruit
  • Strengthen the immune system: According to Life Hack, the concentration of antioxidants, vitamin C in durian helps fight free radicals, improve the immune system, prevent bacteria and germs from attacking.
  • Prevent anemia: A deficiency of folate can cause anemia called dangerous anemia. Folate, also known as vitamin B9, is essential for the production of normal red blood cells. Durian is a rich source of folate.
  • Prevent aging: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, helps to fight free radicals, reduce stress levels, prevent skin aging. Meanwhile, each cup of durian contains up to 80% of the vitamin C demand that the body needs each day.
  • Strengthening strong bones: Durian is rich in potassium, bringing many benefits to bones. It helps maintain calcium levels in the body by preventing calcium from being excreted in the urine.
  • Controlling blood pressure: The high amount of potassium in durian is responsible for protecting the muscle functions in the body including the heart, helping to control heart rate and ensure efficient pumping. In addition, durian also contains low sodium, safe enough for patients with high blood pressure.
  • Prevent constipation: Durian is rich in fiber, important nutrients that help absorb water and help digestion easily, improve bowel motility, prevent constipation.
  • Antidepressant: Many studies have shown that people with low serotonin levels are at a higher risk of depression. Durian is rich in vitamin B6, an essential nutrient in the production of serotonin. Therefore, eating durian regularly helps you overcome stress, depression and depression.
  • Enhance the health of teeth and gums: Durian is also a food rich in potassium minerals, bringing many benefits to bones. In addition, the high content of calcium and B vitamins in this fruit helps to protect teeth and gums, always strong.

Harm of durian fruit
  • Flatulence: According to Nature Word, durian is rich in fiber, so eating too much can make your stomach uncomfortable.
  • Indigestion when eating with alcohol: The combination of durian and alcohol can cause mild to severe indigestion depending on the amount of durian and the alcohol you consume. The sulfur compounds in this fruit inhibit the activity of enzymes in the liver that decompose alcohol, making digestion and eliminating toxins longer. In addition, durian is rich in calories, so if you eat this fruit while drinking alcohol, it makes the operation of the stomach and liver difficult.
  • Increased blood sugar: Durian is a natural fruit rich in sugar, so people with diabetes need to eat limited to control blood glucose levels.
  • Weight gain: Durian is rich in calories (147 kcal). So if you eat too much of this fruit fat will build up in the body. If you prefer to eat durian, you should combine it with a balanced diet and exercise to avoid unwanted side effects.
  • Not good for pregnant women: Despite improving fertility and conception, this high-sugar fruit is not good during pregnancy. It can cause difficulty sleeping, heart palpitations, hemorrhage, even stroke. Pregnant women who want to eat durian should seek medical advice and permission.


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