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Feb 17 2020 - Cuisine News

What to sell in the summer - thought not so easy but extremely easy!

When it comes to summer, people talk about the heat, maybe eating less but drinking it can not help but increase. However, it is all the most basic needs of people, so food and beverage shops have never shown signs of hypothermia.

In the middle of a forest of rich summer snack bars, you find it really a headache to choose what to sell. It's not difficult to sell anything in the summer, you just dare to compete or not. If you are afraid of competition, you should not do business!

7 ideas for a summer snack business that are never out of fashion

Why do we eat rice and not other things? Why drink water instead of other drinks? Isn't it because they are the easiest to eat and drink, everyone can use them.

Business is the same, especially food and beverage business. There are things that are popular but only for a while, like spicy noodles for 7 levels. So, the basic summer snacks, everyone knows, though less innovative but will never be outdated.

1. Selling sugarcane juice

First, the immortal "summer" drink of every summer - sugarcane juice. With an initial investment of around VND 10 million, you can start trading sugarcane juice already.

In addition to a simple, easy-to-drink, or semi-kumquat lemon juice, you can try other types of sugarcane juice to enrich the menu for your shop such as pearl sugarcane juice, durian sugarcane juice, or jelly, jackfruit. , peanuts like My Tho sugarcane juice ...

Some machines needed for sugarcane juice shops such as sugar cane juice press machine (price from 5.2 million VND), stone shaver (price from 850,000 VND), cup press machine (price from 1.25 million VND), sugarcane shaver (price from 6.5 million VND) ) and some tools such as iceboxes, mugs, tables and chairs…

2. Semi-dark birth, fruit juice

The second dish is also another beverage - smoothie. Fruit smoothies in general have been in our country for a long time, with a variety of fruits and accompanying mixes, more and more new, unique smoothies are born.

The current trend, few people open a shop selling vitamins at all, they often sell in the style of sidewalks with beverage trucks specializing in selling smoothies and fruit juices. This model is easy to invest but attracts more customers than luxurious shops.

To be able to operate a smoothie shop, you cannot lack the series of machines such as industrial blender (price from 1.8 million), shaved ice grinder (price from 850,000 VND), cup press (price from 1.25 million) , Juicer (price from 2.9 million) ... If you completely open a smoothie, cafe, you should not ignore the line ice machine, washing machine cup.

3. Selling tea, yogurt and caramel

And even more indispensable is the king of summer snacks - mixed tea, yogurt of all kinds. There are no specific numbers for the recipe for the teas, from traditional teas to newly imported teas that can easily entice your customers with an attractive enough menu.

However, you should also pay attention to building the menu that makes the most sense, combining many "topping" but producing many dishes, saving the time to prepare the ingredients.

Despite the endless number of tea dishes, your shop must definitely build at least one outstanding dish, applying the 80:20 principle to be able to survive this highly competitive market.

4. Selling shrimp cakes, pillow cakes

In the middle of the forest of sweets, a savory snack will satisfy a hungry summer day. The yellow shrimp cakes, which have just been put into their mouths, have been crispy, sweet and seasoning with the sweet and sour taste of the sauce, so delicious that it is hard to resist the appeal of the majority of young people and the elderly.

Sell ​​shrimp cakes, pillow cakes do not need large premises or luxurious facilities. Mainly investing in the quality of cakes, delicious cakes, then sit on the sidewalk frying also busy buyers.


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