The 4 best Vietnamese street sweet soup

Feb 11 2020 - Cuisine News

In Vietnam, the picture of the mother coming back from the market, the child rushing out into the yard to pick up her mother, the mother gave her a delicious hot cup of tea, which is a familiar but familiar image.

With the characteristic tea of 3 regions, the stage of selecting sophisticated materials. Delicious tea bowl, eye-catching by the mixing of many other colors, when eating real will feel the mind of the cook in each bowl of tea.

1. Rice Ball Sweet Soup:

My body is powdery white and round
I sink and bob like a mountain in a pond
The hand that kneads me is hard and rough
You can’t destroy my true red heart
"The Floating Cake"- Ho Xuan Huong
Rice Ball Sweet Soup (also known as Floating Cake) has its outer skin cooked with glutinous rice flour. Inside is the crust of green beans and shells. Therefore, eating Rice Ball Sweet Soup will feel the toughness and glutinousness of sticky rice. Biting into the inside has a sweet, fleshy taste of mung beans.

2. Sweet Corn Pudding:

With eye-catching form, transparent sweet soup then we can see the yellow corn kernels. Sweet Corn Pudding has a moderate match, sweet taste, typical aroma of corn and moderate fat of coconut milk. Sweet corn kernels, not crushed too. This Sweet Corn Pudding can be eaten hot or cold.

3. Vietnamese Rainbow Pearl Dessert

Vietnamese Rainbow Pearl Dessert is a very popular sweet soup used for refreshment in Saigon. This sweet soup is impressed by the eye-catching color and aroma, the fat is very attractive of coconut milk, the chewy taste of the mist and the "pomegranate seeds" are made from water chestnut.

4. Lotus Seed and Longan Sweet Soup:

The sweet and sweet taste of Lotus Seed and Longan Sweet Soup will make you fall in love.
Lotus Seed and Longan Sweet Soup is not only a frugal and sweet treat to enjoy on the weekend, but also a valuable remedy for many health benefits.

On hot days, if you can enjoy the delicious, cool, nutritious Lotus Seed and Longan Sweet Soup bowl, it is wonderful.

If before, sweet soup was originally a dessert for kings and nobles, but now it has become an indispensable snack throughout the streets of Vietnam. When winter comes, enjoy a warm glass of sweet soup, and when summer comes back, enjoy a glass of sweet soup.

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